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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Finally Christmas time!

Yay! The Christmas season is HERE!  I am super excited this year because I get to decorate the new house and E is finally old enough to realize Santa is coming again. We have already decorated the tree but MR. SCROOGE (aka Mark) is procrastinating about putting up some lights.

Last week, we went with some friends to see the COOLEST thing ever.  It was a Christmas train! They had about 4 train cars that were decorated inside and out with all things Christmas. IT WAS AWESOME! Well, I loved it at least. E didn't really like waiting in line but he actually sat in Santa's lap without crying. It was a proud moment for mommy!

You can still see the uncertainty in his eyes BUT, he didn't cry. He actually walked away and said "Mom, Santa is a weelly nice guy" "Mom, I think Santa is my new buddy". 
Well, I also get to start to work TODAY. I haven't worked in over 2 yrs and E is not to happy about it.  I asked him how he felt about mommy going to work like daddy. E said, "NO, you can't go to work. I will throw myself in the fwoor (floor) and cry, cry, cry, cry."  Needless to say, I don't want to leave him because Mommy may cry cry cry too.  
Here's hoping everything stays calm and the tears are a minimum today.