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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Anniversary FUN!

Good Morning!!! It's MONDAY.... ugh. My husband has left for his job this morning at about 7 and he will be there till Friday about lunch. I really don't like him staying there all week but it sure beats him having to drive 4 hours one way. It normally doesn't bother me because I know as soon as we close on our house he will be here more often but, today is our anniversary. :) We have been married for TWO whole years today. At exactly 4, (which is about 20 more mins), two years ago I was walking down the LONG boardwalk with my daddy to the sand where my family and future husband were waiting.

Kissing my daddy.

Happy Anniversary

Anyway, I decided to get a little crafty and try some of the things I found on PINTEREST. I love that website :) SO... Here is what I did today. OK... I have been slowly trying to potty train my 2 year old for a few months. We will try it for about 2 days and then give up. I just don't feel like he is ready.  I bought some training pants which I thought with the extra padding it wouldn't leak through but I was wrong. I dunno if it is boys or if every little kid pees as much as mine does but those things are just as bad when he pees in regular undies without padding. anyway I decided I needed to BULK these suckers up so we could actually use them.

Has anyone ever seen these things?? Look how huge the blue waterproof one is. It is actually a 2T and the white one is a 3T. WHAT??? The blue one on Eason comes all the way up to his chest and it balloons out making his butt HUGE. He just giggles when he puts them on and we will NEVER use them. It makes me sad to waste money so, I found how to make training pants on PINTEREST . <--That takes you to the page. I used her idea on how to make a pattern.

I used E's old receiving blankets as my interior cloth. We had at least 40 of those things and he didn't even use a lot of them, so it didn't bother me to use them.

I folded one and used the pattern to cut it out. It is about 4 layers of flannel cloth.
It kind of looks like a soaker that you put in a cloth diaper. *yes I made some of those last year* Just pin it and sew it to the inside of some training pants.

Now, here is where the GIANT waterproof trainers fit in. :) If you just pull them at the seams the would just come right off. The tutorial I used said use PUL. It is an awesome type  of fabric that I used for my cloth diapers last year. So I have some left over but I wanted to use these things up first. 
Then you use your pattern that you made to cut out a water proof patch and sew it on the front of your trainers. 
EASY HUH.. Now we will use these for sure. I know they will be perfect for long car trips and overnight. 

That's about it for today :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Productive day!

         I feel very productive today. I started my diet yesterday. I have not had a cigarette in 2 days. I am FINALLY blogging and sewing again. My bathrooms are Sparkling and I re-arranged my furniture in the living room :) I feel like wonder woman after all that today.
Today, I got up real early and I am trying to keep myself busy so I dont want a cigarette. SO, I have to keep my hands busy which is why I have been cleaning and sewing. I made E a new shirt. It was super easy. I bought him a pack of the little white undershirts a while back so today I appliqued a cute TIE onto one. Just make and cut out a little tie. Heat it with the iron, stick that sticky back on it and SEW AWAY. I can post pics in a little bit.
       I also made us a dry erase board. I took an old picture frame and wrapped some cute cloth around it then I took a big piece of tulle and tied it in a bow in one corner because I didn't feel like wrapping anymore corners haha. I just put a piece of white paper in it and we can write on it with dry erase markers. Eason has already colored all over it and loved how he could just wipe it away when he was done. But it looks nice enough to leave little notes on it and keep it out. Not just a toy for E.
      I made a tank top bag and I can post the link I found it on pinterest and I had a tank I NEVER wore just hanging out in the bottom of my drawer so I decided I would make it into a bag. I dont need a new bag but it wont hurt :)
Super Fun Day being creative. Can't wait to start back to school in a few weeks and actually have something to do when Mark is gone.
Here is our family quote for the day on the new dry erase board. It has to do with our bible study E and I did this morning about friendships. Like David and Jonathan's

AND here is the shirt I made. No he is NOT asleep! I had to hold him down and told him to say cheese but he is actually yelling NOOO in this picture. ha

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's Mayhem.

Today My father in law, Shelby, had surgery. He has had prostate problems for 2 years now and I told him he needed to go get it checked (Weird conversation to have with your father in law btw) and finally after two years his prostate swelled so bad that he couldn't pee for a 3 days. He was rushed to the emergency room and they told him this. I told him 2 years ago!!!! Anyway he has had a catheter for at least 8 weeks now and finally had his surgery this morning. I am so happy that he is already starting to recover. He seems so much calmer and happier. (that may be the meds hes on though) He is doing fine and thank you all who have had him in your prayers. Keep it up because he still has a tough recovery.
 I am also thankful that my friend Jordan who has waited about 3 years for kidney. Got her kidney today! Im not sure how she is doing because no facebook updates have been posted but she and her donor our in my prayers for their speedy recovery. I remember cheering with this little girl in high-school and her sweet personality it amazes me that someone like her would have to put up with all the troubles she has had and she is a super strong person for it. :)
   I also need yall to keep my best friend Stella in your prayers, her sweet boyfriend of 3 years just left for Afghanistan this week. She is handling it better than I am. haha I want to be with her all the time and just hug her until he comes back but she is doing great. Just keep all of our service men in your prayers especially this 4th of July.

ANYWAY, thanks for listening to my prayer request now I must rant. I hate house hunting. I feel like that is all I talk about now and we have put contracts on 3 different houses and something always comes up to where we can't get the house. We were supposed to be out of our apartment on the 2nd. (Yeah I know, Yesterday) and we still have no place to go. We are luckily able to stay here until we find a place but I start school the 2nd week in Aug. and Mark is driving 3 1/2 hours to work and 3 1/2 back everyday. I keep telling myself that God will show us our house and we won't have to jump through hoops or struggle to even figure how to afford it. God will say here it is and this is it!! And we will know it..... Well, that hasn't happened yet. We are homeless, and I'm getting sick of waiting. My patience is starting to run out. So I have been looking up scripture about patience for the past few days trying to calm myself down. It's not that I am mad it's just that I am tired of driving all over the place and looking at houses Im ready to move in.

I also was told by some family members that I need to potty train E. He is over 2 1/2 and I still don't think he understands it. He knows that he pees but not that he HAS to. I know it's complicated. I didn't want to potty train until we got in our new house but we don't even have one so, that is out of the question. If anyone has ANY advice about potty training PLEASE, don't tell me just come to my house and do it for me! JUST KIDDING! Any help would be great. That is about it for the day I am home alone with E tonight because Mark is staying the night at the hospital to give his poor mom a break. :) I'm gonna sleep great tonight hahaha