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Monday, November 19, 2012

"I don't know??"

Today has been a long day. I now have a new appreciation for the House Parents at the village. I love the children there but after being there and volunteering/helping for just about 8 hours, I am exhausted.  I know taking care of my child can be tiring on a day with little sleep but having 4-6 other kids at the same time is so much. Especially when the ages differ so greatly, I am so greatful the Lord has sent wonderful house parents to the village to work and care for these kids because honestly I do not think I could do for 10 days straight. I absolutely LOVED having fun with them today, but now I am happy to be able to come home and rest and sleep and only have one little boy to bathe and get to sleep.

After talking to one of the younger ones today, I asked "are you excited for santa to visit you this year?". He gave me a puzzled look and I said, "Is santa going to visit you?" I was astonished at his answer...... "I don't know??? Probably not."     Never in my life did I ever wonder if Santa was going to visit me. I always had a Christmas on Christmas morning. It breaks my heart to know someone so small was unsure if Santa was going to visit.  I never want my child to have any doubt that he will not get what he needs and even what he wants especially at Christmas.  It breaks my heart to realize not all children have the opportunity to experience Christmas morning.  I have decided next year we will of course do a 'shoebox' and try to find something better to give to as a family. We will see!

ANYWAY, I love having a 3 yr old. The comments that come out of his mouth are priceless, and even some of mine.  Never did I think I would have to get onto someone for LICKING a public window,  or chewing on a table pretending to be a dog haha.  I also yelled earlier this week,  "HEY, get that dinosaur out of my tea" and lied to him saying there was dirty poop on the floor just to get him off the floor of a restaurant, surprisingly it worked, after he asked who's poop of course.  The things that come with parenting are unbelievable.  His comments tonight were also great.  He said, "we need to put a big'ol piece of tape on the moon, that way it will stay in the sky forever and ever".  Mark asked "Can you reach it to put it up there?"  E said, "NO, but Uncle Baba can fly his airplane up there and do it for me".   Of course he loves that Uncle Bobby flys planes and his faith in people is amazing.

Everyone is in our prayers this week because many ppl will be traveling and some may even try to get out and about on Friday (which is just cray-cray). Keep praying for our family as we keep unpacking and try to meet new families. We have already met many great people at a new church we are planning on joining. It is just hard to realize we will not be members of OUR church in Mt. Pleasant with our friends. Hopefully, we can make this church OURS too! Night

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