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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's Mayhem.

Today My father in law, Shelby, had surgery. He has had prostate problems for 2 years now and I told him he needed to go get it checked (Weird conversation to have with your father in law btw) and finally after two years his prostate swelled so bad that he couldn't pee for a 3 days. He was rushed to the emergency room and they told him this. I told him 2 years ago!!!! Anyway he has had a catheter for at least 8 weeks now and finally had his surgery this morning. I am so happy that he is already starting to recover. He seems so much calmer and happier. (that may be the meds hes on though) He is doing fine and thank you all who have had him in your prayers. Keep it up because he still has a tough recovery.
 I am also thankful that my friend Jordan who has waited about 3 years for kidney. Got her kidney today! Im not sure how she is doing because no facebook updates have been posted but she and her donor our in my prayers for their speedy recovery. I remember cheering with this little girl in high-school and her sweet personality it amazes me that someone like her would have to put up with all the troubles she has had and she is a super strong person for it. :)
   I also need yall to keep my best friend Stella in your prayers, her sweet boyfriend of 3 years just left for Afghanistan this week. She is handling it better than I am. haha I want to be with her all the time and just hug her until he comes back but she is doing great. Just keep all of our service men in your prayers especially this 4th of July.

ANYWAY, thanks for listening to my prayer request now I must rant. I hate house hunting. I feel like that is all I talk about now and we have put contracts on 3 different houses and something always comes up to where we can't get the house. We were supposed to be out of our apartment on the 2nd. (Yeah I know, Yesterday) and we still have no place to go. We are luckily able to stay here until we find a place but I start school the 2nd week in Aug. and Mark is driving 3 1/2 hours to work and 3 1/2 back everyday. I keep telling myself that God will show us our house and we won't have to jump through hoops or struggle to even figure how to afford it. God will say here it is and this is it!! And we will know it..... Well, that hasn't happened yet. We are homeless, and I'm getting sick of waiting. My patience is starting to run out. So I have been looking up scripture about patience for the past few days trying to calm myself down. It's not that I am mad it's just that I am tired of driving all over the place and looking at houses Im ready to move in.

I also was told by some family members that I need to potty train E. He is over 2 1/2 and I still don't think he understands it. He knows that he pees but not that he HAS to. I know it's complicated. I didn't want to potty train until we got in our new house but we don't even have one so, that is out of the question. If anyone has ANY advice about potty training PLEASE, don't tell me just come to my house and do it for me! JUST KIDDING! Any help would be great. That is about it for the day I am home alone with E tonight because Mark is staying the night at the hospital to give his poor mom a break. :) I'm gonna sleep great tonight hahaha

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