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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

HI. I am just thinking today. Cleaning house and eating :) Healthy at least. So let me be RANDOM today.


1. First off, It's stinking August! Where has the year gone? I can't believe school is about to start back.

2. I really have to learn to watch my mouth around my 2 yr old. He keeps saying he has a "FEEKIN BOO-BOO". I know he means freaking because I say it ALL the time. It actually sounds terrible coming out of his little mouth, so I have got to watch what I say.

3. I got up at 6:30 this AM and ran. I pushed E in a regular stroller and the poor kid was bouncing all over the place on the gravel. It was hilarious. I usually like to run in the mornings but can never get myself up out of bed to actually do it. I really  need to start though it felt great! I feel great today because of it, even though I'm not a fast/distance runner. I started doing the couch to 5K workout and I am on week 4 and it actually works.

4. Mark has been gone since early Monday morning and I'm ready for him to come home. It is pretty boring and lonely here with just me and E. BUT, at least the house is really clean :)

5. I am counting calories. I love weight watchers but ever since they moved me down to 23 points a day I haven't been able to do it without going over EVERYDAY. So, I am running and just watching what I eat and the calories I take in. I realize I eat A LOT from about 2-4 and then 8-10. I am having some problems not snacking during those hours so it is being a small struggle. But I found this awesome app/website that is free and EASY, which is what I need. Try --> IT <-- out.

6. Friday night I am having a slumber party at my house :-/. What am I thinking? I am letting the youth girls come over and trash out my apartment. Hopefully, they will be calm and this is going to be my last HOORAH with them. I will miss them terribly when I move. I love my girls.

7. I want a dog! No, a puppy. Eason and I went and looked at the puppy corral the other day just to see what kind we should be looking into. I want a smaller dog that is STURDY. I looked at a schnauzer and got him out to play with him and he was so cute and jumpy. Eason was so excited and loved throwing the ball to him and then all of the sudden. THAT DOG started HUMPING my baby boy. OMGSH! Everytime I tried to pull it off of E it would turn around and start going at it on MY arm, so I would shake it off me and it would run over back to E. Mark just stood there laughing. UGHHH!!!! Anyway, after that we decided the PUG was the way to go. :) I love Cujo the pug that I grew up with and E does too. She has always been nice and not too much to handle but she is sturdy enough to handle being squeezed by a two year old haha. So tomorrow I am going to look at some and I CAN'T wait!

8. GO USA! I love the olympics and gymnastics is probably the best thing to watch. Did anyone else see that little USA Mckayla's vault. It was unbelievable! When she stuck it they zoomed on the judges faces and their mouths were wide open! WOW! I'm proud to be an American. And we have some Amazing looking swimming boys :)

                                                                 YES PLEASE!!!

9. I really want to go see the new Batman movie. It looks great! Hopefully Mark and I can go this weekend.

Geez, that is enough randomness for the day. :) Hope it was enough!

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