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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Pics!

A couple weeks ago, we went on a trip to Dauphin Island Alabama, with MY whole family.  My parents, 2 brothers, sister in law, and my husband and 3 yr old.  It has been a GOOD while since we were all together, probably around Christmas :) BUT, we were all in one house on an island.  To say the least it was interesting. I did the typical wife/mother things and packed clothes for my family to take some pictures on the beach. I sure am glad I did because these are the only ones we have since Christmas and those weren't nice to me haha.

Of Course we don't have a great one of all 3 because we have a 3 yr old who refused to look at the camera so we had to improvise. But, I can't complain, some actually don't look awful.

 E has grown so much this year. He didn't even have a plain white shirt that still fit.

Of course he had to show Giggy his "SHE-SHELL" and we talked about our "BIG OLE BELLIES"

E was throwing sand and got in trouble but then wouldn't smile for anymore pictures.

The look Hubby gets 90% of the time from me (of course he isn't even listening) haha. I'm pretty sure we have an engagement picture just like this too.

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