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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011!

2011 has been a wonderful year! Here's a recap of the mayhem we had this year.
January- saying we had a lot of snow in MS, is an understatement. That picture is just the first day of snow. We had 3!
February- We visited my old college roomies in Jacksonville and lil E went to the beach and chased seagulls.
March- We celebrated uncle Baba and uncle Paws birthdays.
April- E hunted Easter eggs for the first time.
May-  On May 10th, Eason was officially adopted!!!!!! EASON JAMES MATHIS!
June- Mommy started back to school. 
July- Our 1 yr. anniversary! and Uncle Bob got married. E got to enjoy the wedding and the dancing.
August- Giggy graduated with her MASTERS! GO GIGGY! and  vacation to Pensacola, where E learned to swim, with floaties of course.

September- Eason went to his first TIGERS game! 
October- Eason's first time trick or treating he was a cowboy and Mommy got accepted into Nursing school. :)
November- Nov. 6th was Eason's 2nd birthday! He loved blowing out the candles and his Woody and Buzz cake. He also got snapped at by Poppop's dog at Thanksgiving, but he kinda had it coming with how much he was annoying that poor dog.
December- Got to drive in the Christmas parade with Pappy. At Christmas, E decorated the tree for us and he wouldn't let us help him. Eason figured out he was supposed to open EVERY present. And Cousin Dave married Jenna. 

I hope 2012 can BEAT 2011 as best year EVER! It has some big shoes to fill. 
Happy 2012 Everyone! 

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