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Saturday, December 31, 2011

I hate Chicken broth, ugh.

   I have been super sick lately. The docs are annoying and cant seem to find out what is wrong. I went in with some severe abdominal pain on Thursday and they rushed me to a CT scan to rule out appendicitis or gall bladder. They said I was fine that it is probably an ulcer and gave me 3 days of antibiotics. Seriously, 3 days thats not enough to really do anything.  I feel like I may die, just kidding, but its not too fun. I am living of chicken broth and water and after 2 days Im STARVING I want a freaking sandwich!!! They gave me antibiotics that make me feel terrible and on top of everything, Mark just left for Gatlinburg with the youth. He wont be back until Tues. so I get to feel bad and hang out with Eason.
Hopefully, we can get this fixed before I start back to school in a little over a week. Im so ready/nervous. I can't wait to get out of the house and meet new people and just figure out what all I get to do this semester.  I also get to meet and hang out with Eason's new sitter, she seems AMAZING. Mark knows her and her husband but I have never met them. I hope I feel better next week so I can enjoy spending time with another woman/mother. She has 2 children and E will be right in the middle of them. I have tried to explain to E that he will get to go play with Noah, her 3 yr old, he seems excited but Im not sure how he will feel when Im not there playing with them. He will probably LOVE IT!
  I have a mandatory meeting next Thurs. to explain all the things we will be doing and the stress we will be having during our 2 years in Nursing school. They said our support group (Mark)  needs to be there. Im not a morning person and its at 830 in the morning. I got to get used to waking up before 8 for the next week. Or I will be late my whole first week of school.
AAHH.. Got to go Eason just brought an entire jug of milk into the bedroom to ask for chocolate milk. I hope it wasnt full when he climbed and got it out of the fridge because its not now :)

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