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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What? It's only Thursday!

WHAT A WEEK!!  And I still have one more day....I have been a full time nursing student for just about a week and my brain is completely fried. I feel like I have so much to do and if I let up just a little bit I will get behind, which is why I haven't posted in a while. I have 6 nursing teachers. They have all had turns talking and passing out papers this week. I have gotten at least 3 different calendars all with different things on them, its unbelievable. I knew it was going to be alot but Boy did I underestimate that. HA
Anyway I am still super excited, Monday and Wed. I have my nursing classes that are 2 1/2 hours long each day. We have 3 books that we have to read at least 2 chapters in each book, for each time we meet. I also have math and human development on these days and Friday.  My human development teacher is AWFUL, she thinks that, that is our only class. It's the first week of school and I have already read the first 2 chapters in that book, written a journal entry, and taken a quiz. She's killing me. My math teacher seems pretty cool though. I hate math but she has made it very understandable and begging us to ask questions so she can explain stuff further. She is also really young, like I'm pretty sure she is only 2 years older than me. She understands NO ONE wants to be in there and does weird things to keep us awake. So I think I can deal with her.
Not only do I have class those 3 days, I have Nursing Lab on Tuesdays and Thurs. These are not really included in your schedule when you sign up so I had no clue I would be there all day those 2 days also. I thought maybe every Tues. or Thurs. for an hour but, NO. I was there from 8-3 on Tues. and 9-2 today. I will be there next Tues. from 8-3 and I also have to find a time between now and next week to go in to lab and practice making beds. Tomorrow after class, I'm gonna try to go practice. I also have a Dr. Appt. in somerville to figure out what is really  wrong with my stomach. The Dr. I went to keeps telling me it's a bug to just wait it out but I have been waiting for over 2 months. So I'm getting a second opinion. I really have to go and get all my shots for clinicals too. (Sounds like I'm a dog)

Now let's talk about this bed thing. I knew making a bed for a hospital was different from making my bed at home but geezzz... You tuck this thing here, you pull this there, you roll the patient to one side, and pull this stuff out and MITER IT. Really I had no clue what that word was, sounds like a bug to me. but it's how you fold it. It's ridiculous. They are so particular about how this is supposed to be done and we have to make the bed with someone lying in it. I understand why but seriously... I hope I pass my checkoff on this... That would be so embarrassing.

I also have a checkoff on bed baths. I really didn't think I would be this freaked out about giving baths but after I watched a video and had to practice it on a person. I was kind of grossed out. Not to be mean but I don't know how I feel about rubbing all over someone I don't know. Like washing their (uh-hmm). I can see why this is needed, and it's actually good for us to get to know our patients and see what kind of problems they have or could have. Im just scared to death to do it on a real live patient. SO... I asked Mark if I could practice on him tonight. He got all excited and I had to tell him, It's just for practice and will not lead to ANYTHING because IM EXHAUSTED! (sorry if that grossed you out)
After just one week Im so tired... I hope I get the hang of this soon. :)

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