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Friday, June 8, 2012


Since I last posted a lot has changed. I finished my first semester of nursing school with a 3.75. YAY I am very proud. BUT.... Now We are moving. I am having to put school off for another year, I am trying to transfer to another college but right now we are not 100% sure where we are moving.

Mark got a promotion and is now a campus director for TWO campuses. We are so excited but nervous because we now have to purchase our first house. We found one in Louisville, MS, about 4 hours south of where we are now which needs a little bit of work but is VERY cheap. We are excited to be able to fix it up and make is OURS. Hopefully, they will accept our offer and we will be moving the middle of July, just in time for our 2 year anniversary.

Also, I loved nursing school but the stress of everything made me very sick. I was physically and mentally sick of everything that I was having to do. I loved learning and being back in school and getting to go to the hospital for clinicals but I am thinking maybe I should just finish my education degree. I don't know if I could handle the kind of stress I had in clinicals my whole life. I do love working with the children and I think the hours would be great but I'm not sure if that is what I'm supposed to do. I was in education for a two years so I just have my last 2 years to go. I just don't know what to do?? It would be easier for me to go to school for education because it is mainly online and I can start back in Aug. and will have a set schedule unlike nursing where I didnt know if I was going to have class until the day before. SO STRESSFUL.

Anyway, I can't wait to find out about this house. I have already picked out my paint and carpet and new tile. It's exciting!

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