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Monday, January 7, 2013

Breakfast, anyone

According to the new WeightWatchers360, Routines are the key to sticking to your diet. I'm not talking about eat the same thing every day for a week but good routines like.... drink water before meals or exercise 3 times a week.  I have decided once a week I will try to find a new routine and stick with it for a week. As the weeks progress you are supposed to build on that routine. Easy right...

I decided I would start with the easiest one. :) Eat breakfast everyday. I am NOT a breakfast eater. I prefer coffee.... and then more coffee.... and then more coffee. I guess this would make it difficult for me but if it means I eat then bring it on.  To kickstart your metabolism every morning you are supposed to eat a meal with protein at breakfast. This also helps you not to overeat at the other meals because you aren't as famished.

Today, I am trying to eat some breakfast. I JUST CAN'T. I am not hungry and it doesn't taste like coffee so I'm not really into eating. I tried some nice plain yogurt with fruit and sugar.  It's tasty but it is taking me FOREVER just to munch/mush away at it. ha. I guess it's difficult to eat when all you want is some toast.

O well, I ate half and enjoyed my coffee so that is progress right. But, I'm so excited for today we are going to a friends house to play. E's pretty pumped. I'm pretty sure 4 boys under 5 are going to be exhausting but HEY, that's motherhood right.  It's fun to hang out with other exhausted moms. :) But I really look up to this mom and wish I had her strength. She has 3 boys. I just have 1. Her patience is 2 times more than mine. She is the bomb!
Can't wait!!

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