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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well, It's off to work.

For me anyways,  This is the 2nd job in 2 months. :) I'm pretty pumped about it hopefully they can work around my schedule. I had some problems with management at the old job so I quit and finally found another....
When I say I had problems I mean. Management had some problems. I did nothing the people they chose to employ were the ones with problems. Problems that made me feel uncomfortable working in the enviroment and many of them were illegal..... I didn't want any problems to come out of a bad enviroment. If police were to show up my ideas of becoming a teacher would get thrown down the drain bc of the people there and I would automatically be guilty bc association. SO....

I am going to try this one out! :) I already like my jersey that I get to wear as a uniform. I think i look good haha.

E has a new babysitter and he/I am SOOOO excited! She seems great and E is so ready to play with someone besides me. Hopefully she can handle a little boy. I think she just has girls in her family..... She's in for a surprise!

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