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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Job Hunting and Day 8!

Well, I'm officially on the hunt, Again. I have been at my server job since Jan. and it's almost June. As much as I enjoy working there most nights there are also so many cons to working there.

makin' money, some nights
friends (I do have some there)
I usually know what I am doing since I have been there a while
Getting to stay home during the week and spend time with the 'wild man'

not enough money (about half the time I don't even make minimum wage)
hard work, I worked 3 nights for 10 hours straight without sitting down, eating, peeing, etc. and didn't even make minimum wage...ugh
LATE, late nights... working from 4-2 three nights in a row make me EXHAUSTED!
No time with Mark. (as soon as he gets home, I go to work)
getting hit on 90% of the time (sometimes working in the bar is fun because the people that you meet, and sometimes those people drink to much and say and do things that make me feel uncomfortable)--even after telling them "Oh, I'm married" they usually ask "Are you happily married?"--Like I would tell them if I'm not, even though I am. And as if it mattered, like I would do something different if I wasn't happy.

So, I have decided that the cons actually outweigh the pros this time. Please keep in me in your prayers so I can find a nice job that I can enjoy, make money and feel comfortable doing.

ALSO, I am officially on day 8 of my 24 day challenge. I did really well and ate what I was supposed to until Sunday this week. That is because while at work I was STARVING, so I ate the healthiest thing that B-dubs offers. A grilled Chicken wrap with cheese. Not to bad! I really wanted some sauce but I sucked it up and didn't get any.
I have lost weight and you are not even supposed to lose much during a cleanse because you are just cleaning everything out to put good things into your body. BUT, I have noticed that since I have been eating mostly unprocessed food that most of our meals are DELCIOUS!! I made spaghetti the other night with ground turkey and all natural, homemade tomato sauce, I also found some gluten free spaghetti noodles made of brown rice and they were just amazing! Mark loved my spaghetti.

Today on day 8, you start taking your fiber drink again with your meal... It's awful! If you have ever drank Metamucil it's slightly the same except it looks so much worse. :) But, after the first day it isn't that bad.
Yesterday I got to go to the produce stand up the road and got some amazing strawberries, peaches, grapefruits, sweet potatoes, and one apple that E picked up while we were in the store and took a bite out of it. HA! It was pretty embarrassing but hey it least it was healthy..

Anyway, I gotta go E just came up and said, "MOM, let's make FIRE!" 

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