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Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 9 out of 24!

Hooray! one more day left of having to drink that terrible fiber drink :) I have done really well the past couple of days and even made a delicious salad today, with some left over shrimp from the other night.
I'm even so proud of myself. I made waffles for breakfast this morning... WAFFLES and didn't eat any of them. Not even the batter.... E on the other hand had 2!! That kid can eat. I feel great. I feel like I could go for a run, but I just went for a walk. What was I thinking?? I said YAY, let's go for a walk before it rains...at 1230. You know that really muggy feeling outside right before a rain... YEP. We walked during that. It was pretty miserable. We only walked for 20 mins but the poor dog decided she was going to lay in the street under someone's car and not go any further. HA Poor Rue.

We also went to Mathis Peaches yesterday. It's a giant produce place and they have strawberries!!! LOVE THEM!  :D   You can get a giant basket of fresh Mississippi grown strawberries for $10. So I said YES! I also said yes to some peaches, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, and 1 apple that E jerked out of some bushel and took a bite of.. I then felt the need to buy that. You know You bite it, you buy it, kinda thing. ha
I'm not too thrilled about going to work tonight though.  I will once again be there till at least 2 in the morning. Hopefully, I can sleep late tomorrow.

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