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Monday, June 3, 2013

First week of June :)

Good Morning, oh I guess it is afternoon now. When you wake up as early as I did today you feel as if the day is never ending.  Today is day 12 on my 24 day challenge. I LOVE IT! I feel so much better, with so much energy, and just an overall great mood.  Mark has even noticed. Well, he said my fuse wasn't as short as usual. HA. I have finished the first 10 days of the cleanse and now I am constantly putting in vitamins :) That is it! I feel great because I am actually taking my vitamins. Easy right! I also just want to eat fruit, ALL THE TIME, like ALLLL TTHHHEEE  TTIIIMMMEE! I can totally see how people decide to go plant based after this. It is what you crave and want to eat. Anyway, I have lost weight! My shorts fit, my collar bones are coming out and my waist is smaller. But, I'm not telling how much yet. Anyway, I have lots to tell so get ready.

Saturday, I took off work and we went as a family to go see a baseball game.  I have never enjoyed watching paint dry... I mean watching baseball so I was not too excited but, both boys were.
E was so pumped... until he realized it was a 2 hour drive. :)
Anyway, once we got there, the game before hadn't even ended so we had to wait to go inside. For some reason, E felt the need to pee in the grass! I had to tell him every 5 mins "NO, don't pee right there, let's go to a bathroom". He didn't even have to go when we would go to the bathroom, he just wanted to pee in the grass, on a college campus, with 1100 people around. Yeah, life with a boy.   E loved all the people cheering and it really wasn't too bad of a game. Mark even teared up when E started yelling, "Maroooon", even though he was pretending to be a wolf while he said it.Of course MSU won, Go Dawgs!

Sunday we actually went to Sunday School and church. It has been a couple months since I have made it to both. I know I should force myself to wake up after 5 hours of sleep every Sunday for church, but sometimes I just can't. Ok, Most times. The sermon was wonderful! Preacher-man taught us about having a biblical marriage. Mark and I realized we both came from VERY different lifestyles and family upbringings, so we decided we are going to have to work at our marriage. We both have different views on how a household should be run, we are going to try to get on the same page :) We both want E to look at us and know, "My mom loves my dad, and my dad loves my mom" so he will have a foundation, for when he gets married. I also decided that I have to plug myself into the church, so I called yesterday and asked if I could help during VBS. I figured if I was going to be sitting at home most of the week, I should just go to church in the morning and meet people that I should already know.

Finally, TODAY! I made it to VBS, on time, after working last night till 12.  Yes, I was exhausted, but I made it.  I am actually disappointed. I thought I would be able to meet women my age and actually get to know mothers in the church this week so I can make friends, but I don't think that will really happen.  Needless to say, my anxiety was at an all time peak this morning. I just about hyperventilated and talked myself out of going. I was so nervous to be stepping out of my comfort zone. But, the Lord knew exactly what he was doing.  As always... I got put in the nursery, with two older ladies. Not my age but I don't care because I don't really have to talk to much to them :) I don't feel nervous at all with a bunch of little babies.  We had 6 under the age of 2 so I will definitely get my baby fix by the end of the week. I can not wait till tomorrow. Playing with tiny babies is so much fun.
 Oh, and E had a good time :) This is his first official VBS. Where he actually gets to go to music and craft instead of just hanging out with everyone like usual. He was so excited his miss Ali was there and his teacher seems super nice.

Here, is just a tidbit of fun to leave you with! It is about a year ago, but I just love it :)
Sorry but, you have to turn your head sideways! Not sure how to rotate it.

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  1. So glad you're blogging again! We really enjoyed church with you guys! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your advocare challenge, way to go girl! :)