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Friday, December 23, 2011


Today has been one of those days where nothing works out like you want it to. I got up early to go running, my phone was dead and I take it running to track my run. So I plugged it in and waited about 20 minutes so it could charge. When it finally charged, I realized my IPOD was dead. UGH... no one can go run without that. So I decided that apparently I wasn't supposed to run today.
After that the day just seemed to drag on-and-on.

I try to do memorable things with my son at least once a week so today I wanted to try to make sugar cookies that he could cut out into shapes. If anyone has ever tried to do that with a 2 year old, you already know I am crazy for even trying. But I tried.... He was fine while stamping out the cookies. But, He completely flipped out when I tried to put the cookies in the oven, he threw a FIT. Screamed at me. NO NO MOMMA NO! I felt so bad because after they were cooked he didn't want anything to do with these cookies. I felt like I took the joy out if for him. I know I enjoyed rolling cookies with him but I don't think he understood the whole aspect of it. I was so afraid that I ruined his day because I cooked his cookies, but after about 10 minutes of ignoring me it was over. He asked me to play with him in his room and it was like the cookie incident never happened. He forgave me for cooking his creation.

How come as adults we can't get over things that fast? I wish I could just forget a lot of things I have done or forgive some people that did something wrong to me. I just can't... I love how you can look at something like baking cookies and see how wonderful God is, He forgave me for everything I have done and everything I will do in the future, as soon as it happens. I am so thankful to be forgiven by the one that truly matters.

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