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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo... How about you, you, you!

After spending almost 5 days without seeing my sweet boy, I decided we needed some mommy-son time. So, yesterday we went to the zoo. He was so excited and he kept saying he wanted to see the fish.  

Im sorry but the FISH.... REALLY!?!? Of all the stinking exhibits and animals at the zoo.  THE FISH?!?!? When we got there we went straight to the fish then over to ride the CAMEL!

I am scared to death of heights and that camel was super tall. Needless to say I was FREAKING OUT! Eason rode that stinking camel with a huge smile on his face he loved every second of the day and I loved spending some quality time with the love of my life :)
They have already started decorating for ZOO BOO and E loved the jack-o-lanterns.

E looking at the koi fish.

He obviously missed me because he has not stopped talking for 2 whole days.

Typical E!
God's beautiful creatures.

Me and E notice how scared I am and how happy that boy is. haha
Loved my mommy-son day!


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