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Monday, October 1, 2012



This is probably my favorite month.  Perfect weather, pumpkins, and candy :)

We officially have a house that needs some serious painting. Hopefully I will be able to get to it by this weekend.
I have math, history, and english homework that needs to be done by friday and I just started meal planning. 

This morning I made home-made granola! It's a little bit crumbly but super delicious and all natural!

ALSO,  I stripped the brown out of my hair trying to lighten it because it had gotten too dark. Instead, I know have hair to match the season.  It is about the color of a pumpkin.  IM OFFICIALLY A GINGER! :)  It really isn't too terrible though it is more of a strawberry blonde but I will wait a week and strip it again and use a brass banisher to get some of the orange/red out. Yeah, I color my hair more than I paint my nails.  
anyway, hooray for October!

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