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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Hey I wanted to share what I did yesterday. It was super easy and you can do it with pretty much ANYTHING! I got the idea from pinterest except they were doing it with a mirror. I'm sure it would be beautiful but I honestly have no place to put a mirror right now. SO.... Here's my time out chair. :) E is 2 1/2 and so we have a time out chair. It was an old ratty brown chair that someone donated to the village (a LONG time ago). It also had some "pictures" drawn on it that really were not good to have on a toddlers chair. (You know what I mean) Anyway, so I told Mark I wanted to spray paint E's chair. He just laughed and said alright whatever you want.

Here is the "before".

First, I figured out where I wanted my letters and spray-painted it white. I knew I was going to paint over most of the white so I didn't have to make it perfect. 
After it dried (Make sure it is completely dry, you don't want to pull of any paint), I put my stickers on it. I didn't want it to be straight because I feel like crooked letters made it look more childish and I probably couldn't get it completely straight if I tried. I used stickers from the scrap booking that I had sitting around. 

Finally, you get to paint it WHATEVER color you want. I just used spray paint.  Leave your stickers on and just paint over them. Then, when it dries CAREFULLY peel your stickers off. 
TA-DA!!!  How stinking easy was that! I'm sure you can use this for classroom signs and just about anything. Your letters always look amazing! :) 

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